New York

On Tuesday I hopped onto a plane to New York for a college trip, it was a such a whirlwind and I had the most wonderful time. This was the second time I’ve visited New York, the last time I went I was only ten therefore now I’m a lot older, I appreciated the beauty and […]

My Wanderlust Wishlist

For an 18 year old I am lucky enough to be very well traveled. I love to see new places, experience different cultures and see how other people around the world live. As much as I love getting on. Plane and visiting a Greek island and lying on the beach for two weeks, I love […]


If you follow me on twitter or instagram you’ll know that this year I spent Christmas and New Year in Barbados. Barbados is a beautiful island in the Caribbean and nowhere like anywhere I’d been before. The thing I loved the most about Barbados is the people, everybody is so happy and friendly. Barbados is […]

15 reasons why public transport is the bane of my life

People who look like they’re on their way to hell- Why is it that at 7am every morning, everybody is sat on the train like they’re sat at a funeral. It almost makes me feel guilty if I get on the train with a smile on my face. Oh and it is silent, as in […]