Top five books and films that I discovered in 2014

This year was a big year for films, two of my favourite books were made into films, I anticipated for a while as I am always weary when books that I’ve fallen in love with are made into a film. I now tend to view them as two different things that have a similar storyline […]

London and Miss Saigon

I took a trip to London yesterday with my mum as I do every December as I always find Christmas in London so magical. Everywhere is covered in decorations and blasting Christmas music, it’s impossible not to feel festive. The trip was a present for my 18th birthday as I was going to see Miss […]

10 thoughts we all have when Christmas shopping

Lets be honest, if there is anything at Christmas that can turn you into a Grinch it is Christmas shopping. It is probably the most stressful activity that we have to endure all year.Yet every year it’s the same old story leaving you feeling like you want to skip Christmas all together. Despite us all […]

15 reasons why public transport is the bane of my life

People who look like they’re on their way to hell- Why is it that at 7am every morning, everybody is sat on the train like they’re sat at a funeral. It almost makes me feel guilty if I get on the train with a smile on my face. Oh and it is silent, as in […]

Becoming a writer

I felt like I needed to start the lifestyle section of my blog and wanted to open it with a little bit about myself and how I came about creating my blog. It all began only a year ago when I entered the stage of my teenage life where I was forced to make decisions […]